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* All routes include city of Ruse as midpoint

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Taxi Ruse Bucharest 365

Taxi Ruse Bucharest 365 – taxi transport to Bucharest

All routes include city of Ruse as midpoint

You need a car and driver which shall provide you a reliable and safety transport to Bucharest (to address or Otopeni-Henri Coanda airport). Our employees take into consideration all your wishes and shall make everything which is possible for your calm, safe and comfortable traveling. We shall make maximum efforts for you to stay satisfied. Our prices are reasonable and the services which we offer are on European level.

Our services cover the whole country and our team of professional drivers takes care of you and your comfort all the time.

Taxi Bucharest 365 offers you:
- Reliable service rendering
- Precise and polite service
- Professional drivers having experience in Romania
- Comfortable and clean cars without tobacco smoke
- All places in the car have insurance
- Cars equipped with air-conditioner
- Completely free use of children car-seats
- Free Internet

- Multimedia - movies and music

All routes include city of Ruse as midpoint